2019 Quantum Activation 

Make 2019 a Truly Meaningful Year...

And the start of an Amazing Life


2019 is coming faster than you may realize…  

I’ve been looking at the celestial weather for next year in order to craft a “snap shot” of what we can expect.  

Before I share a little about what’s up for next year, let’s do a quick review of this year so that you have the big picture of what’s really up on the planet for us right now.  

2018 has been a year of cosmic push-me-pull-you with a record-breaking number of retrogrades causing us to feel like our momentum was precarious and that our creative capacity was in a state of constant flux. This was definitely a year of playing “dodgeball” with your creative muse and feeling creatively blocked or stuck may have felt like the new “normal”.  

Rest assured, the energy of 2019 promises to bring us some more “shake ups” but also grounds us in more earthly energies and promises to be a year of building, restructuring, and manifestation. (Woo Hoo!) 2019 is a year of continuing the process of rewriting the story of Who You Are and Who We Are collectively.  

We are getting an early taste of this when Saturn (in Capricorn) starts the year dancing with the Gates 38 and 54 for most of the year. This little Saturnian “tango” gives us drive and endurance to hold on and wait for the right timing to manifest what is truly valuable in our lives and what we have been dreaming of. We are setting cosmic priorities and crafting lives that reflect the truth of our Hearts.  

This is a planetary position that feels like “home” to Saturn and gives us the push to “call ourselves” home to Who We Truly Are. With this transit, we are feeling even more of a longing to fulfill our purpose, be our Authentic Selves and recognize that to stay aligned with our Authentic Selves in a times of Shift and upheaval, we have to be ordered, structured and disciplined.  

You will not tap into the full expression of your true creative powers unless you do your homework and cultivate a consistent practice of staying aligned. 

We also see another huge shift in the outer planets when Uranus returns to a direct position moving back into Taurus in early March holding that position until April 2026. This influence has the power to awaken us even more deeply to Who We Truly Are and to support us in creating what we truly want. We’re all now going to be looking at our relationship to the material world. Most specifically we’re exploring money and most importantly, our values. It’s time to see money in a radically different way. Money is energy. It is in the exchange of money that we exchange energy. This is also, literally, the energy of “change”. We are changing the way in which we create, interact and redefining the value of humanity and human life. Our measure of value will no longer be material and we begin to value the experience of “being human” in a brand-new, more equitable and sustainable way!  

This promises to transform us deeply in every way.  

You may have noticed a couple of common themes with these planetary shifts. 

  • We are moving into deeper alignment with our Authentic Selves. 
  • We are moving into a cycle where manifestation is more possible and we dramatically increase our potential to create what we want. 
  • But, only if we are disciplined, ordered and structured.  

This is dense, Earth energy and it can feel confining, slow and frustrating if you’re not aligned, disciplined and you are out of alignment with your True Self. There will be zero tolerance for compromise. Knowing how to be clear and aligned is crucial for us to be able to restructure our world and truly build what we feel is possible in our Heart’s but are maybe struggling to imagine with our minds. 

 What does all of this mean for you?  

It’s truly pedal to the metal time.  

My name is Karen Curry Parker. I’m the author of the book, Understanding Human Design, The New Science of Astrology, Discover Who You Really Are.  

Over the last year I’ve personally talked to and taught more than 4,000 people and what I’ve seen is that the most pressing questions that people seem to have is:  

What is my Life Purpose? What is my Soul Purpose? And how do I live my life in alignment with my Purpose?  

Frankly, I can sit with you and look at your Human Design chart and give you the answer to the first two questions in five minutes or less.  

But, there is no way around being disciplined, orderly and structured with learning how to live your life in alignment with your Purpose. Especially next year. What I’m going to say next may sound a little firm, so please read this with the awareness that I am saying this to you in the most loving way possible… You are responsible for what you create in your reality. Yes, it may feel like, if you are reading the news every day, that there are things happening that are beyond your control. You may even feel that in your very personal, day-to-day reality, that there are things happening to you that you don’t have control over. I’m not going to tell you that if you have the right “mindset” and the right “consciousness” that nothing bad will ever happen to you. That’s simply not true. Even powerful ascended Masters have had some pretty bad stuff happen to them… But, you DO have control over what you do with your experiences and how you choose to experience your experiences. You can either panic, freak out, feel powerless, frustrated, angry, disappointed or bitter or you can leverage the emotional energy that’s available to you and use it to continue to keep connecting yourself back with the “due North” of Who You Truly Are. If you’re like most of my clients, you probably know that you create your own reality. But this year you have to really be clear about who the “YOU” that is creating your reality IS and what that “YOU” is doing to create that reality in the first place. You might already know how to create your own reality - cognitively. This is the year you really DO it. The year you consciously and consistently cultivate rituals and habits that keep you deeply aligned with Who You Truly Are. (But, there is no way around doing the “work”.)  

So that you can:

  • Access the support you are worthy of 
  •  Tap into the vitality and wellness that powers your physical body 
  •  Create community and companionship that inspires, supports and lifts you up 
  •  Restructure your life, your community and even our government so that the infrastructure of your life supports your beliefs, your values and your consciousness (and your Heart) 
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with Source, your Magic Mojo and your True Creative Power 
  •  Live in complete alignment with your Soul and Life Purpose 
  • Be who you came here to be. Do what you came here to do.  

Every year I teach some kind of class, retreat or program to help you kick the New Year off with a bang. This year I’ve decided to create an intensive Homestudy and Group Coaching program to help you get aligned, clear and easily create a disciplined practice that works for you AND fully integrates your mind, body, spirit and teaches you how to tap into the Quantum Field to support you in crafting a year that sets the foundation for your year and for your life.

Introducing Quantum Activation 2019 

This is an online self-study 16 part video series followed by a weekly 2-hour coaching program every week in January. I want to give you "training wheels" for living an aligned and meaninfgul life and to help you get started making 2019 the year that calls a powerful "Future You" into form.

During this program you will:

  • Discover your unique energy blueprint (your Human Design) and how this blueprint is a map that shows you your unique way to tap into the Quantum Field of Possibility. 
  • Uncover what is really holding you back from creating what you want. (Hint: It’s not just mindset or not doing the “right” things. Your genetics, intergeneration energy patterns, what you’ve been taught about who you are and your energy blueprint play a crucial role in what and how you create. You’re going to learn leading-edge scientific techniques to help you reprogram yourself and your cells for success and abundance.) 
  • Discover how to unlock the magic of synchronicity and learn to interpret the signals the Universe is sending you so you can harness energy and powers greater than you on your own
  • Learn a step-by-step program to help you craft a plan of action, healing and alignment with your Destiny so that 2019 becomes the year you initiate the launch sequence to living an amazing life 
  • Learn meditations, ancient rituals and key astrological dates to help you ground your spiritual practice in your daily life so you can keep your energy vibrations high and aligned with what you’re manifesting in your life. 
  • Change the expression of your DNA so that you can release ancient family patterns and from your genetic lineage so that you can tap into better health, greater abundance and a life that is deliberate and fundamentally creative.  
  • Learn new and powerful techniques that show you how to tap into the Quantum Field of Possibility so that you can redefine your old stories and access higher expressions of your unique Energy Blueprint and stop letting past fears, resistance, old stories, pain and trauma keep you from doing what you came here to do. 
  • Discover HOW to gain mastery over your finances, create relationships that support you, stand in your value and bring forth a “Future” you that  

“Helped me feel that I am at my best when I am being fully me - the “mutant” in the room. It "gave me permission" to embrace my gifts, and showed me how to begin using them, and how to start trusting my own inner authority. It just made me feel better about myself, period.” 

Robert Franklin, Phoenix, AZ

Here's what you'll get:

A copy of your unique energy blueprint (Human Design) plus an extensive, never-before-released report to help you understand this powerful map of your destiny. (You can’t create what you want if you don’t know who you are and how you operate.) ($25 value) 

A copy of the brand-new 2019 Human Design Evolution Guide that gives you weekly exercises and meditations to help you consciously harness the power of the transits to help you create and design your year. ($27.95 value)

During the home-study program you will learn to understand your unique Life Purpose using your Human Design chart so that you make sure the actions you take are congruous with why you’re here. ($97 value) 

Also during the online training will walk you through scientific formulas, rituals, integrated quantum alignment processes, and a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly how to tap into the magic of your natural creative powers. ($197 value)

The online training will shows you exactly how to wake up your intuition, tap into your own way of staying “tuned in” and amplifying your connection to Source so that you trust your own inner wisdom and guidance. ($47 value)  

The Quantum Alignment System Foundation program including the powerful EFT for Everyone course so you can up level your gene expression and clear your DNA ($197 value)  

Understanding Gates, Channels and Circuits class so that you can really get to know your own energy blueprint, your Human Design. ($197 value)  

Intro to Human Design brand-new Home-Study program to help you master the basics of Human Design and discover how other people’s energy may be influencing, or even, hijacking your own energy. ($97 value)

A private Facebook Community where you can connect with a tribe of like-minded souls who support and celebrate your journey. (Priceless)

Four live follow-up group coaching calls where you can get your questions about your chart, your Life Purpose, your challenges and more answered.

I feel lighter, bolder awareness of the 3D, very cool...almost feel like I am floating...expect to hear my spirit guides in full sound any minute now; I can't stop laughing...you all know what I mean...after being on this truth seeking journey for 8+ years, I know this event has helped to seal the deal on integrating all those lessons - lots has clicked into place and I know for sure I released a TON of resistance. -Tina R. 

How it Works

This is a proprietary collection of trainings and a step-by-step protocols that helps you deliberately and consciously craft and create a plan to build the next year of your life and call forth the “Future” You - your authentic and powerful True Self!

You won’t get overwhelmed. These materials will be delivered to you slowly, deliberately in short, “bite-sized” chunks of information, giving you time to practice, implement and experiment.  

We then meet every week in January for a lively, open Q&A and group coaching session so that you have a place to share, get your questions answered and trouble shoot your creative process.  

You’ll also be part of a community of like-minded people on our Facebook Community page. You’ll be able to post questions, watch additional short inspiration videos, make new friends, support and reach out to others and craft a year that is truly a manifestation of what you want for yourself.  

You will have lifetime access to all of these programs so that any time you get bumped “off course” by the cosmos and the heaviness of the powerful cycles of transformation that we are experiencing, you can take an hour or two, listen to a program of your choice and recalibrate yourself so that you can stay aligned, creative, powerful and moving towards a reality that is truly worth of the magnificence of Who You Truly Are. 

Cost: $197 

To register using the two-part payment plan - click here

SCHOLARSHIPS! We will have Scholarships available if you need extra support. For every 10 packages sold, we will donate a Scholarship.  

“This work gave me clarity about patterns in my life that I never understood before. I also learned how to trust myself and my own insights so that I feel confident about getting out of my comfort zone!”  

Maria Valencia, San Diego, CA 

Wow!!! I feel like a new woman. I feel renewed. I feel energised..... for the first time in a long time I woke up refreshed in England at 7:30am on my own with no alarm. (Normally going to bed at 1:30am I would sleep in til 1pm). I wrote this declaration on Facebook a few minutes ago and wanted to share it here too. The sun is shining bright right now and on me. I am so grateful letting go of the story of “ paying my way with trauma to get into God’s favour” I own my place here in the cosmos and don’t need to pay my way with hard work anymore. I love seeing how that story was so intertwined with my parents and in my marriage. I am in the energy of possibilities to really celebrate how so many puzzle pieces got integrated through this program. Tania B.  

So often people tell me they are: 

Exhausted and burned out - in their work, their relationships, their lives and they don’t have the energy to create something different. Many of them have put taking care of others ahead of themselves and they are struggling to find the energy to do something more. Something better.  

Confused, stuck and lost - about what to do and how to do it. They tell me they can feel a great purpose inside of them but after years of trying to figure out how to bring out their greatness, they get lost in the struggles to make money, take care of their families, fulfill their obligations. They feel like that greatness is slipping away.  

Disconnected from something BIGGER - like they’ve forgotten how to tap into magic. They’ve studied deliberate creation, manifesting, spirituality and know that the real solution to tapping into their potential is bigger than just using willpower, but they don’t really feel connected to Source, Spirit or God and they don’t trust their intuition or have enough faith to take big leaps of faith.  

Scared to show the world who they really are - Many of my clients have never felt like they were lovable, valuable and powerful and that it’s safe to really express who they are in the world. So they hide, settle for less, compromise and hold themselves back.  

Struggling with finances, Right Relationships, feeling disconnected from their purpose…  

You want more. You’re ready for more. You’ve tried creating “more” before but the truth is, you haven’t been given all the pieces to the formula for creating an amazing life.  

It’s time for you to really get what you’ve been working so hard to have your whole life. 

“I felt like I was in the deep void afterwards, like I was at the beginning of my life again, filled with wonder, power, imagination and creativity that I haven’t felt in many years. I felt the transmission of being seen for who I really am! I am relieved to be alive and in the creative flow that Life is bringing me!!”  

Louisa August, Littleton, CO

Here’s what you might have forgotten:

You are powerful beyond what you may realize. You can actually turn light into form. No amount of will power or sheer effort is going to get you where you really want to be. You have to unleash your natural power.  

You are able to change your life with quantum leaps and bounds. Literally.  

Your mind is a vital tool to creating an amazing life but if you’re just trying to manifest using your mind and mind-techniques like vision boards, affirmations, visualizations and positive self-talk, you’re not tapping into the full spectrum of what’s possible for you.  

Ancient alchemists and spiritual teachers knew how to bend the rules of life and create magic. Modern science has taught us exactly how there ancient teachings work. You are designed to be an alchemist and to tap into your own inner magic. You just have to know how…  

You are worthy of an incredible life and all the support and resources you need to fulfill your destiny. And that support is yours for the receiving, simply because you are who you are. It’s not tied to what you do or anything else.  

Your designed to feel healthy and vital and your body is a juicy, dynamic, incredible vehicle for your soul’s journey in this life time. You being YOU is the greatest gift you can give the world. Isn’t it time you remember who you really are? Here’s to making 2019 the Foundation of your Future…a future worth of your Authentic Self! From my Heart to Yours, Karen 


What if I can’t attend a live Q&A Session in January? Will I still have access to it?  

This event will be recorded and made available for you to watch at your own leisure. Even if you attend live, you’re going to want to re-watch some of the processes and formulas so that you can integrate them more deeply. ​  

Is this different than any of your other programs?  

This is brand-new information that integrates all of the programs I’ve taught before. This is a simple, grounded and powerful way for you to plan out 2019 and a way for you to keep your energy aligned with creating an amazing life.  

Am I going to learn about my specific chart?  

Yes! As part of this program, you will be given extensive online information to help you understand your Human Design chart.