It’s intense out there.

Distractions, bad news, other people's pains and challenges that you feel so deeply with your compassionate Heart, defending your energy, trying to explain to others what you sense and feel, feeling deeply connected to something bigger than yourself…

and yet feeling like you don’t know exactly what the next step is in helping shape the future of this amazing world we live in….  

You know we’re on the cusp of big change - The Shift - and that you have a vital role in helping the next evolution of humanity. 

 You can feel that the economy is changing, business is changing, politics are changing, people are changing, and yet, in the middle of being the powerful futurist you are, you’re also grappling with your own ancestral patterns, doubt and uncertainty about exactly how to fulfill your role as a leader in this new world we are birthing. It’s not supposed to feel this hard…  

The world is changing.  

You don’t have control over that.  

But you do have control over how you experience this change. You can create challenge, struggle, conflict and divisive energy.  

Or you can create with warmth, Light, calmness and softness. You can create in a way that brings people together — REALLY actually together — sharing stories of challenge and adversity, vulnerability, transparency and with a willingness to create win-win solutions that benefit everyone. You can come together and speak Truth, honor each other without judgement and discover new ways that each and every one of us interconnect to fulfill the Cosmic Plan and create the future together.  

This isn’t some naive, Utopian fantasy — this is how Shift should feel. Your Life can feel like this.  

If you’re a healer, you’re a leader.  

You’re already shaping the world by helping people tell the TRUE story about Who They Really Are. You’re removing pain, blocks, wounds and stuck-ness and helping others claim their Authentic Identity.  

But how about you?  

Are you really creating the visibility, the recognition, the mastery, the financial support, the vitality you crave to your life?  

(Or are you letting your soul be “hijacked” by the energy of a changing world…?)  

You can’t lead your Tribe until you take care of your own Vibe…  

As a Leader of the New World, you have to consciously and deliberately craft a consistent faith-based energy that calls into your life the support you need to stretch yourself beyond what you can simply create on your own.  

You need to trust the Universe - unwaveringly - and be willing to take risks and get uncomfortable as you grow and serve an evolving world.  

You can only lift the vibration of others to the level of your own vibration.  

The higher you take your own frequency of energy, the more you create the energy for others to rise with you.  


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During this powerful retreat we will meet for four days in the shadow of Humphrey’s Peak, known to the Navajo as Doko’ o’ osliid, one of the sacred mountains of the San Francisco Peaks.  

The translation of this name means, The Mountain that Reflects and it is said that when you stand in the golden light of the sunset of this powerful mountain, you will be given the energy to carry out your plans.  

This is a powerful time to look ahead to the energies of the coming years.  

2020 has two powerful themes that play with each other in a complementary and powerful way. Using Human Design and Quantum Alignment, we are remembering Who We Truly Are and re-writing the stories we tell about ourselves. The planets are inviting us to look at places where we may be limiting ourselves and what’s possible by holding on to old stories, traumas, un-forgiveness and beliefs that are keeping us from fulfilling our personal and collective potential and purpose.  

We are being supported by the planets by simultaneously learning to deepen our faith. The planets are inviting us to explore how our identity, life and creative expression would transform if we knew that we were infinitely supported by the Universe. We are being asked to take great leaps of faith, to have more faith in ourselves and each other and to remember to trust in the infinite, abundant nature of our creative power.  

We are discerning this year, setting priorities and getting clear about what we truly want to be creating in our world. I predict you’ll look back at this year as a catalytic and aligning year - a year when you remember Who You Are.  

All of this prepares us for bigger changes in 2020 when we begin to build new infrastructures and the way in which the world works together…  

During this retreat, you will work under the shadow of Humphrey’s peak with the rich, transformative volcanic energies of the San Francisco peaks to craft a story of the Future You and the world that we are preparing to align with. This is one of the most powerful places on earth to do this vital work and craft the future of your life, your leadership and the world. You will discover those deep places where your relationship with yourself, the world, your past and your Creator, might be holding you back, keeping you from really being seen and heard and discovering scientifically proven ways to change you mind, body and spirit to align with a rich source of Support and Creativity that will help you lead the world with your Heart.  

Naturally, you may feel wary of taking this step. It’s change and that means you’re going to have to put some cosmic muscle into it! But the energy it takes to do this “work” is far easier than spending the next few years walking around, feeling anxious, burned out, overwhelmed, worried, disconnected and managing the energy of a world in flux and chaos. Whatever discomfort we feel from committing to deepening our faith and telling the Truth is so worth it — in fact, it’a s gift in itself. You are severing the ties to old energy that is sapping your soul…Leaving you feeling more POWERFUL, CREATIVE, ALIGNED and GRACE-FULL.

"This work is creating massive shifts in both my personal and professional life. It allows me the scope to harness my 20 + years of experiential learning (6/2 Manifestor) and give me immediate activation short I am able to co create and initiate change in myself and the world around myself and the world around me at a capacity I haven't known before..." 

Annie Radha Holcombe

"This program of learning and exploring has opened my eyes (and my heart) to so much truth and I feel empowered by the tools and knowledge you've shared. I am officially a super fan of Human Design and I look forward to learning more."

Lucy Anne Chard

"A beautiful journey in connecting with my new story. I loved all the times we connected together. I love being with everyone and appreciate you deeply. . . Another reminder that we affect others when we are living our truth, and that we are awakened by others living their truth."

Mariya Masters

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  • Writing supplies  
  • Quantum Leadership Activation Curriculum  
  • Workbook and Preparatory Activities will be mailed to you before the event  
  • Brand New High Frequency Human Design Language Guide 
  • Your Human Design energy blueprint  
  • Exclusive Facebook Community  

What You’ll Experience:  

  • A deeper connection to faith and Source  
  • A powerful connection to your Future Self and insights into the next vital steps in your life  
  • Clearing of deep ancestral energy and DNA  
  • A clear vision of Who You Truly are and how your energy may make you vulnerable to getting distracted from your Purpose  
  • A clear path to fully activating your Life Path and Soul Purpose  
  • Exactly what you need to do to be part of Humanity’s Leadership Team
  • The ability to create the support you need to do your Right Work and take your place in serving the evolution of humanity 
  • The ability to fully manifest the support, power and impact you need to fulfill your Life Purpose 
  • Fully activate ur POWER in the way that's right for you - no more settling, hiding, keeping yourself "small" 
  • A clear plan th il halp you know exactly what the right next steps are to full occupy your RIGHT PLACE in the world  

This event will be hosted at the amazing Little America hotel, nestled on 500 acres of Ponderosa Pines in the mountains of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is an hour north. Sedona is about 40 minutes south. A powerful and breath-taking destination. (We have secured a very special room rate for this event.) What if I you can't make it live but I feel called to attend? If you can't make it live, we will have a live video streaming options. Unfortunately, you won't be able to join us in the evening by the fire with a nice glass of wine, but you will be privy to the new information and be part of an interactive virtual community. The video recordings will be archived in case you can't watch live or it's the middle of the night where you are. AND, you can always go back and watch it again and again to stay "high" on the energy from the keep your momentum going. (All live attendees will also receive a link to the video recordings.) 

If you need to use the payment plan, please email for the link

This workshop is for those who feel called to serve humanity with their Hearts. It takes leadership to write and LIVE into the True Story of Who You Are. To be a leader, you have to be strong in your story. The story you tell calibrates the direction for your life. I look forward to holding the space for you while we grow and evolve together. See you in Flagstaff! From my Heart to Yours, Karen  

"Wow!!! I feel like a new woman. I feel renewed. I feel energized... for the first time in a long time I woke up refreshed at 7:30am on my own with no alarm. The sun is shining bright right now and on me. I am so grateful letting go of the story of ... I own my place here in the cosmos and don’t need to pay my way with hard work anymore. I love seeing how that story was so intertwined with my parents and in my marriage. I am in the energy of possibilities and I can really celebrate how so many puzzle pieces got integrated in the 2 days we spent together … I am really appreciative of that space! Big hugs. Love you ALL!”

Tania Barker

“Something is definitely not the same … When I got home everything was different. I am feeling lighter, bolder, more awareness ... I almost feel like I am floating! After being on this truth seeking journey for 8+ years, I know this event has helped to seal the deal on integrating all those lessons – lots has clicked into place and I know for sure I released a TON of resistance. I know as an MG I was skipping a lot of the steps/deep work needed to really shift, but now I know absolutely the things that cannot be skipped so I can confidently help lead my tribe and I honestly don't care it took this long to figure out ... (my old self would be so ashamed!!) … So my big take-away/lesson for the past 2 days is this: I already knew everything I needed to know, I already knew the truth of who I am and that I'm an extension of God so there's nothing ever to worry about. Being eternal is so cool. My challenge was not so much to "ask" for real help, but to actually ALLOW it!! and to let go of all the crazy resistance and excuses that were keeping me from me; up until a week or 2 before this event my mind was doing all sorts of things to keep me "safe", to keep me stuck. I'm grateful for how that served me in the past, but like the song says..."Burn, baby burn!" Thanks again to all, with gratitude.”

Tina Rusnak

"The Quantum Leadership program was a pivotal turning point in my life. I left the weekend with a renewed and clear sense of who I am and how I'm meant to serve the world, and a newfound unwillingness to settle or compromise for less than I deserve. In the year since the training I have continued to do my work and dive deeper into living my Human Design. I've embarked on an entirely new life path that brings me more joy and meaning than I've felt in a long time. I am showing up more powerfully in my relationships, in my gifts, and as myself. I will forever be grateful for the transformative power of this program. Thank you!!"

Betsy Batista

If you need to use the payment plan, please email for the link